Entropy and Energy
Order from Disorder

Statistical Entropy

Statistical Entropy: The application of probability theory to the thermodynamic principle of entropy.

The number of equivalent microstates (possible ways a given condition to occur) is denoted as W.

Entropy is denoted as S

k is the Boltzmann Constant = 1.38 X 10-23 JL-1

S = k ln W

This shows that entropy is a measure of the disorder of a system.

When energy is applied to a system  how it affects entropy shown by the following formula. The formula shows what is need to produce order from disorder.

Number of equivalent microstates of the applied energy is W

Number of initial equivalent microstates of the system is Ws

The change in entropy is denoted as DS

This shows the general direction that applying energy to a system will move the entropy of that system and maximum change in entropy

This principle can be expressed in the following statements.

If energy is applied to a system in a manner more ordered than that system’s degree of order then it increases the system’s order decreasing the entropy of that system.

If energy is applied to a system in a manner more disordered than that system’s degree of disorder then it increases the system’s disorder increasing the entropy of that system.


Entropy and Applied Energy
A reprint of the original paper on the affect on
entropy of the application of energy to a system.


This program provides illustrates the principle of reducing entropy and there by producing order from disorder

Convention 1: W is used instead of W since Greek letters could not be used.

Convention 2: The value of We and Ws are not adjusted for the number of particles to avoid extremely large numbers.

 These conventions do not change how well it illustrates the participle of order from disorder..

Click on the image below to run program.



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