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Entropy and Applied Energy

A reprint of the original paper on the affect on
entropy of the application of energy to a system.

Mars, a Testament to Catastrophe

A reprint of the original paper on the
catastrophic model of Martian geology



The key to understanding Creation Science is realizing that Creationists and Evolutionists look at the same evidence with different starting assumptions.

Evolutionists start with the assumption that every thing including life and the universe itself came by totally natural means. This means that they start with the assumption that the universe was not created by God, that there are no miracles or other supernatural events and that there is absolutely no intelligence or purpose behind the universe.

Creationists start with the opposite assumption that there is an intelligence or purpose behind the universe and that it was created by God and recognize the possibility of miracles or other supernatural events.

The vast difference between these two starting assumptions result in radically different conclusions about what is observed. This is illustrated by the following interactive illustration.
















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Entropy - order and disorder

Below are Genesis Mission articles on Statistical Thermodynamics, Statistical Entropy, how they affect order and disorder and what they say about the origin of life.

Statistical Mechanics

Statistical Entropy

order from disorder

Entropy and the Origin of Life

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