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The question of origins is critical to our understanding of ourselves. The problem is that The Bible is under attack by an atheistic view of origins masquerading as science. This view of origins starts with the so-called Big Bang and ends with humans slowly evolving from animals to the intelligent beings we are today. The reason this masquerade is as successful as it is is that it is taught in most schools and other sources; not only without opposition but also as proven fact. This is the case even in areas where the ideas are nothing but untestable just-so stories. The result is many young people raised in Christian homes leave the church in college. The problem is not only that they leave home ill-prepared for the propaganda they will face in college, but often since their pastors and parents do not know how to counteract the propaganda and often respond with trust the Bible, while not providing them with any real help. With a solid foundation of both the Bible and Science as well as real scientific evidence, the flaws and fallacies of this anti-theistic propaganda become clear. It is also highly important that parents and pastors do not try to stifle their curiosity and interest in science but make sure they have the tools needed to know truth from error.

The reason that the big bang to man story is essentially an atheistic view of origins is that God is excluded as a starting assumption. Despite this fact, some people try to place God into this big bang to man story. The reliance on exclusively naturalistic processes even when there is no real evidence for the process occurring leaves no place for God. Often the evidence they give that the events occurred or even could occur is the that the theory requires it. For example, the reason given why naturalistic abiogenesis happened it that we are here and since God is not allowed as an answer it has to be naturalistic abiogenesis. 

Ultimately the question is not one of science or evidence but of different worldview. The key to understanding Creation Science is realizing that Creationists and Evolutionists look at the same evidence with different starting assumptions. Evolutionists start with the assumption that everything including life and the universe itself came by totally natural means. This means that they start with the assumption that the universe was not created by God, that there are no miracles or other supernatural events and that there is absolutely no intelligence or purpose behind the universe. Creationists start with the opposite assumption that there is an intelligence or purpose behind the universe and that it was created by God and recognize the possibility of miracles or other supernatural events. The vast difference between these two starting assumptions results in radically different conclusions about what is observed. This is illustrated by the following interactive illustration.

The discussion of Creation vs. Evolution is often framed as religion vs. science. However, in reality, it is religion vs. religion and science vs. science. The problem is that faith and science are made out as being polar opposites in a spectrum when they are two totally different things. Ideally scientif is a pursuit of knowledge, while faith is a belief in someone or something. The true polar opposite of science is untestable speculation. The real spectrum of faith is between blind faith and evidential faith. Blind faith is held without any evidence and even in spite of it. On the other hand, evidential faith is held because of evidence. Faith in the Bible is not blind faith, but evidential faith, because, despite claims to the contrary, the scientific evidence does support the Bible. Genesis Science Mission is both a resource on the scientific support for Biblical Creation and against evolution as well contact for topical creation science seminars and other tools that will help strengthen Christians’ faith in the Bible as well as reaching out to the lost through God’s creation.

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