Archaeopteryx was a Black Bird

Archaeopteryx lithographica (Berlin specimen)
 From Wikimedia Commons
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The Archaeopteryx fossil was discovered n 1861in a German limestone deposit, Paleontologists have been interested in this and other Archaeopteryx fossils, placing it at the bottom of the bird evolutionary tree because it has traits similar to both dinosaurs and birds. Archaeopteryx has a  combination of reptilian features such as clawed fingers, a bony tail , and teeth; and avian features like feathered, wings and a wishbone.

Recent Studies of Archaeopteryx’s feathers show that it was most likely a black flying bird. An international team of researchers using a new analytic approach have determined that an Archaeopteryx's wing feather was black. The presence of this pigment are evidence that Archaeopteryx's wing feathers would have been rigid and durable suggesting that Archaeopteryx could fly. This study further showed its feather structure was identical to that of living birds.

These results show further evidence that Archaeopteryx was a black flying bird and not the transitional form once claimed. Even evolutionary paleontologists date it as older than more recently discovered "feathered dinosaur" and younger than the bird Protoavis.



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