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Entropy and Energy
Order and disorder

Entropy and the
Origin of Life


Thermodynamics: The study in physics of the transfer of energy, the work done and it’s affect on matter.

Classical Thermodynamics: The description of the states and processes of macroscopic systems, based on the empirical properties that are directly measurable in the laboratory.

Statistical thermodynamics: The description of the microscopic interactions between individual particles and quantum states that produce the properties of macroscopic systems.

The Laws of Thermodynamics


1st Law of Thermodynamics: Energy can be neither created nor destroyed.


2nd Law of Thermodynamics: The amount of unusable energy in a closed system increases.

3rd Law of Thermodynamics: As the temperature of a substance approaches absolute zero it’s entropy of approaches zero.

0th Law of Thermodynamics: Two objects in thermal equilibrium with a third object are also in equilibrium with each other.




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